Design Time


My flurry of fall activities has come to an end and with that it seems on to the new for next years events and releases. But when I look back this fall - I just want to thank you all for your friendship and cheer along the way. Shepherd's Bush retreat was so much fun. I loved my lunches and dinners with you, thank you for the invites and sharing times, it was greatly enjoyed and I continue to enjoy the memories we made. It made the event very special along with spending some fun times with the other teachers and of course the Bush girls. I had a blast being a 'helper' in the store in Ogden, I became a bagger of goods extraordinaire! So happy to see all your faces and share in our passion of stitching. The retreat event itself was in Park City at The Canyons and we certainly had some good classes and you all were terrific students! I think there are some that are already finished their 'Over the River' JDD project! Yay! Please check out Paulette's Blog - or Linda's Blog - They have done a fine job giving a nice overview of the retreat and took pictures when I totally did not! From there I had a lovely direct flight right from SLC to Spokane, WA. The ladies had prepared and done some pre stitching so they did leave with one little finished pincushion! While it was a tight fit to slip in the Spokane ladies, it was delightful. In my 8 days home I had orders to fill and the instructions to write for the Saskatoon ladies! I had been so very busy it was tough to fit all that had to be done in the short bursts that I was home since mid Sept. As you know those charts are pages long and I get caught up in making the specialty stitches work out and be the same on the main chart..... often what I have originally drawn doesn't work out and then there is the redraws.... and confusion!!  But it did get done and what a super time in Saskatoon, SK too. The Bridge City Needlearts guild had rented space at the Western Development Museum! Our class was at the Palace Theatre above the Boomtown Cafe- where we had lunch -circa 1910 Boomtown- a western town on the prairie. Right up my historical heart. It did have all the modern amenities and I got to use my powerpoint for this piece which made it so much easier to teach! What a treat, and what a great fun time we had. Lots of gals got quite far in the stitching which was terrific.

I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for the lovely gifts, such thoughtful little things that make a memory. I have a shelf that I put all my fun things on and enjoy all through the year. Thank you!

Thank you everyone for participating in events this year. It has made it an awesome year in friendships made and nurtured - and in lessons learned and shared - you know how I miss my nursing days for the visiting at the desk us nurses do..... sometimes a lonely day here at my computer with no Cleo. I miss her and even though Walter faithfully comes everyday, he just isn't her is he. So Dale is looking.... I'm not sure I am ready. Walter's owners went to Mexico for a holiday and as he is a Mexican rescue dog they returned with this very cute hat for him!

Ola-Senor Walter

Here are a few pictures of my time in Saskatoon. One is of the ever popular Take Time Series - the quilt ones - all four seasons done on one linen piece and Sue took the words out and put a stitch in the spot from the sampler. I think it looks amazing. Great idea. Another is a picture of The Common Thread 1 - a la Saskatoon, the first city I did the Common Thread piece for. They gamely made changes and have the Bessborough Hotel, a landmark in downtown Saskatoon on several of their pieces. It is a Canadian National Railway hotel. The other is the Palace Theatre where we had our classroom and some time pieces as I love that!

And so that brings me to now.... working on all new for next years events and releases. Fun and challenging at the same time.

The following are events that are in the works: March 27-29, 2015 -Needle in a Haystack, Alameda, CA.  May 12-17, 2015 -EAC Calgary, AB. May 22-23, 2015 - place TBA.  mid July -Tomorrow's Heirlooms, Glen Ellyn, IL.  Sept 11-12, 2015 Buffalo, NY. Sept 16-18, 2015 -Cambridge, ON - email JDD via website re: this event. Oct 16 -19, Cape Cod, MA - check with Pam Reed of OCD -2015 Chatham Brochure. Ending the year with a bang- Nov. 30 -Dec 7, 2015 Europe -with a Christmas Markets cruise!! that is sold out already!


Western Development Museum

Take time to quilt x 4

The Common Thread 1 Saskatoon version

Time pieces

WDM Our classroom