December 2008 Update

street005_editedWell in Calgary yesterday (December 7) we got the most beautiful day of snow where it just kept falling all day and could have been like a Christmas day we imagine in our dreams. The good thing about it was I could have some great pictures of some scenery shots for the website! This is picture is not my house though but I thought it was awfully cute with the red door and the wreath on it. My daughter took it along with the others on the way to my niece's baby shower yesterday.

We are set to get Scotch Switch sent by the 17 &18 of December so look for it in a few weeks after that as it takes so long to cross the border and then along with Christmas.... well it might be longer.

The item for this page is a Charland pewter Needleminder. We are a bit behind on them and they may ship out later due to the fact we may not have them by my ship date. But I wanted to get the pattern out before Christmas so I could relax knowing it was done!

We have new pieces for Nashville, 3 major additions to ongoing series, and several smaller pieces for fun.

Look for Take Time to Read the newest addition to the Take Time Series, and those of you lucky enough to be coming on the cruise will also get the Take Time to Cruise piece.

Pineapple Stitches, the newest addition to the Stitches series, and Pineapple Biscornus and scissors fob.

I will also have Prickly Pear seed pack an addition to the Awesome Apple Seed pack of a couple of years ago and a very tiny Christmas Biscornu.

I have added the event dates for next spring after the Nashville show.

Come join us on a fun stitching journey in My Stitching Album which will continue with Florentine Fancy come mid Feb.

As ever looking forward to seeing you at an event this year! I am starting to set aside my pile of cruise wear.... just in my head but nevertheless.... <grin>

In Stitching,