So it is packing time and getting our sea legs and getting out of the snow! I must admit it is snowing today and that cruise on Sat. is looking awfully good. I am so glad you all are coming and helping to make this a success. Just a quick note on the fabric size - I have cut pieces that are approx. 10 x10 - on 32ct. - but it is permin fabric so easier to see the holes! The design size is 4 1/16 x 4 1/16" - with fun caribbean colours.  You need only bring your scissors, q snap -stretcher bars or whatever you use and magnification if you do use that. There are needles in the kit and the beads and charm and of course the silk. We have surprises for you and I have the pattern in powerpoint for ease of teaching - high tech on the high seas! <grin>

Looking forward to you all coming - travel safe and see you soon!

Just one other thing of note - if you are working on My Stitching Treasures Accessories - I have had a note from a very competent gal on the finishing. Carolyn Standing Webb at the Craftcenter has done up a wonderful set of extended finishing instructions. You can contact them and inquire about it.