Christmas markets and more....

WOW! is all I can say. It was an awesome, fabulous, over the top kind of trip for our stitching cruise "Down the Danube". I am still in the jetlag phase but starting to feel less like a slug around 4pm. and can sleep longer than 4:45am. So very nice! (this was written Dec. 16, now to finish the post it is already Dec 30!) We had some rain days - a couple, and some beautiful sunny days and it was cool, but somehow it didn't matter at all.... we had Gluhwein and Lebchuken. Wonderful stuff. We were dressed for it, with our layers of clothing, hats, mitts and scarves.  To try and take a picture you had to take off  gloves and attempt this without dropping said photo taking item, well I did that 3rd picture in at the Prague Castle! Dang! so from then on it was the iphone picture taking, which was fine, but even more afraid of dropping that, either in the River or down some stone stairs or the like. From Prague to Budapest, it was truly a marvel every day. My eyes were like saucers sometimes, barely taking it all in. Loved it all, the history, the decorated markets, the Vienna music evening, the ornament exchange, our comfortable stateroom.  My thanks again to Judy Bradford of Cruiseship Centers Cambridge for organizing it all, for Lindy of The Silver Needle for her marketing and pulling it all together, Mona of The Silver Needle for her finishing class and Ama Waterways for a simply delightful and fun filled trip. I hope you all liked your little 'Down the Danube' Sampler and when you look at it, remember our laughter in the lounge and our great meals and sights and sounds of Europe at Christmas. I know I will.

This brings me to the end of the year 2015 - what a year it has been, from place to place, it has been terrific. Your enthusiasm, your interest, your delight in the projects have made it one to remember. As I look back and look ahead I am reminded that stitching is the tie that binds and we are like family when we get together, it's pretty cool!  Look forward to seeing more of your stitching and look forward to sharing some new projects with you. Next up, I was going to say Nashville, for the wholesale market, but I forgot, the weekend before N'ville, I teach at the Northwest Sampler Guild in Washington. And then N'ville and then I stay on the west coast for Acorns and Threads 20th Anniversary!

May you have a blessed New Year!