Bonne Chance

Good Luck? you might say… what is this about? It is a funny little story and you will have to ask me about it, but I did have such a wonderful, super time both at Celebrations and my 2 classes in Montreal, hence the French! I probably should say BONJOUR! Bienvenue…. to you all… Celebration of Needlework in the New England states is such a wonderful event, everyone is excited and the designers have made so many special things…. it is just great to see some of the class projects in ‘real’ – it does truly make a difference seeing things for real rather than on the net. The vendor marketplace is always so nice too, vendors set up lovely booths and it is a stitcher’s shopping adventure. I was thrilled to see so many old friends and spend some time with some of you in class, what a treat, it was great to see you! Even though Manchester, NH is really quite close to Montreal — when you think how far west I am in Calgary -but there is no direct flight and so it was a trip over Philly to get to Montreal but it was awesome once I got there. I had some lesson time myself in Schwalm- whitework embroidery, and taught at the Lakeshore Stitchery Guild and a group called Les Brodeuses Québécoises . It was exciting to meet with old friends, having taught at the LSG in 2006- and it was a treat and to meet new stitchers to me at the other guild. It was an adventurous few days in the community where we had the second set of classes as the cadets were practicing for ‘Jean Baptiste Day’ and it was a fanfare of either “Oh Canada” or other songs that I didn’t recognize but they could softly hum to, and I was enchanted, at one point they sang a beautiful song in French to me, it brought tears to my eyes. So you can imagine, music and handwork crosses all language barriers and despite the translating we had a wonderful, memorable time.

Thank so very much to everyone on each part of the journey that made it fun and memorable, to each one of you that participated in a class that I taught, and to new and old friends, I am blessed indeed!

Au revoir…. ’til next time….