April 2008

Well stitchers, a long time in coming and finally the release of My Stitching Treasures Accessories. As I mentioned in the previous update this was several years in the making, sometimes things don't go quite how you would like and voila ~ a few years go by.... but it is now available at your local needlework shop and I just have to say, I loved how the cover turned out. We got the 'feel' I wanted. I was grateful as you know how so often the covers don't reflect what you actually get when you are stitching it. Enjoy!

May 28/08 addendum to My Stitching Treasures Accessories - I have changed my mind and I will release a thread pack with this pattern. There has been so much call for it that it seems best to do it. So we are working on getting all the bits together and so I suspect in a month they should be available at your local shop.

Below are some notes on 'My Stitching Album'.

Shops:I know for the shops alot of you got to see the project and I hope that this will be something that your stitching group at the shop can do together and talk about it, think of even more new ways to stitch eg. a mosaic, and learn to 'play' with the stitch and share. For it is in sharing and working together that we grow and that we have memory making times. Get your Thursday night stitch group together or any other interested stitchers and we will ship you your new page every second month. This is a perfect opportunity to learn a new stitch as you get to do it for a full page and then you will 'really' know it!

Single Stitchers: I know that there are many of you that do not have access to a local shop. Many shops do mail order and I encourage you to use them if you can or your favourite on line shop but having said that contact me for assistance if you would like help in joining in this exciting project.

As you see on the home page there is a brochure with some information and I will post more as I work on updating the website. This is a ten page project (including front and back page) featuring some of the basic stitches used in samplers. A poem per page reflects on stitching and our passion along with displaying the stitch in various different ways.

One last exciting project we are working on is a Jeannette Douglas Stitch and Sail, January 2009. I will be posting more of this exciting cruise with Jeannette when the details are refined.

So as usual I have my hand in many things and so along with the events this year we look forward to some very exciting times!

See events page for more info.

As ever, keep stitching Jeannette