Nashville Needlework Market New 2018

Although this is written before I leave for market, I did want to share with you the new pattern releases. The challenge in getting everything ready is always there, but this year my added challenge was my 5 classes in the next few months! All places have different projects, although Acorns & Threads in Portland, OR and Stitchville USA share parts of a bigger project! I started in November and feel like I didn’t come up for air till now! And now is the market! Do check on the classes I am teaching this year, it is an array of different places, but the last for this year will be in Calgary, the beginning of November! Thrilled to be the teacher for the Deerly Wrought Sampler Guild. Next year brings another wonderful cruise ‘Tulip Time’, teaching in Cumbria, UK for Fobbles and a surprise!

Many of you have enjoyed the Shadow Box series and I am so happy to bring you the news that the “shadow box turntable, lazy Susan thingy” is available! The Shadow Box Stand will hold 5 shadow boxes. Room for 4 as drawers and one on top. Mermaid Box and Journey Box are being released now to add to Pumpkin Patch Box and Bird Box. There for sure is one more and hopefully one after that yet! This turntable will be available from your LNS who will order it from Cabranmary Woods.






Vintage Birds 8.5x11 CMYK.2_web.jpg

I know you’ve enjoyed Vintage Stars, Vintage Flowers and Vintage Birds. It is a treat to give you Vintage Animals. It is the same size as the others, has an alphabet also. I always wanted to design a little fox!

Star Center Quilt cmyk.2 web.jpg

My mother and now my sister were and are great quilters and so I am always inspired by quilts. I love the way the fabric has patterns, colour and dimension, and in the Star Center Quilt piece I tried to show this. Because I couldn’t decide what colour palette to choose, my stitcher Flo Osborne did both colourways for me! I am sure there could be many more and I hope that you will try a combination of your own.


Tulip Shaker Box web.jpg









I am a big lover of pincushions and this lead me to continue with the Shaker Box and Pincushion rounds from Lone Elm Lane that suite them perfectly. Acorn Shaker Box has a nice match in Tulip Shaker Box.

Wool Pincushion and Fob in autumn colours has a match in spring colours. I love the way the Wool stitches and covers the fabric and it is fun to stitch the little center on 40ct for a sweet fob to match.

Spring wool pin cushion & Fob web.jpg





A happy little addition to any desk or Corner is Sunflowers, done on a great blue fabric that show cases them well.


Tiny Treasure is design stitched over 1 on 40ct fabric, I used Gloriana Threads Luminescence but Tudor Silk would be great too. The kit includes the fabric, thread, quilt batting to poof it bit, wool felt backing and the mini hoop.






Lastly, to share with you is the beginning of a new series called ‘Letters from Mom’ or Oma, Aunt, Grandma, Friend etc. (there is an alphabet to change it)

Quaker inspired; these 12 - 3 x 5 ½” charts will be released singly accompanied by the one over dyed CGT thread for each month, but shipped 3 at a time. It uses 12 different colours from Cottage Garden Threads. Each chart will be packaged with the overdyed floss from CGT. They will not include the GAST, WDW or CC floss colours. These charts may be finished as a big sampler framed and it will be 16 ¼” x 16 ¼” or single charts and placed in a letter bag that has been made especially for this project by Carolina Stitcher (Faye Riggsbee), they will be 3 x 5 ½”. Letters from Mom is the cover of the letter bag or can be the middle insert of the monthly charts on the sampler style finish. The letter bag will hold your little monthly ‘notes’ and can be made with a pocket on the back for a true written note from you or to add a little candy etc. The messages are all set in the Quaker style of writing/speaking and bordered by a Quaker style stitch. Some were traditionally used ones and matched a certain month and some I fashioned when I needed the words to reflect a month.  These are little personal notes to remind us to be ever grateful and mindful.

To order letter bag please contact: Faye Riggsbee, Carolina Stitcher, or check out her BlogSpot-



Letters from Mom-6x4 Postcard-Front.jpg
Letters from Mom-6x4 Postcard-Back.jpg