The Canadian Patriotic Snippets all complete!

Mid August – end of summer stitching…

Halloween Sampler sneak peek

Halloween Sampler sneak peek

Do you stitch different things in fall/winter versus spring/summer? I used to be one of those that stitched in season but of course that has all changed now and I would like to design in season but that doesn’t happen either. <grin> One has to be ahead! And so, to that we worked on Fall releases in May before I left for the trip. We will be part of Harvest Market Hop in early September – Sept. 7th to be exact. Check out the website and they will be posting our ‘sell sheets’ when the time arrives.

Just a few new things on the website. My webgal and I have been hard at work trying to not be under construction any more. As you know my year was full up but we also have managed to get all the patterns loaded from the very beginning to the present. We have found a lot of the free patterns but not all of them. I have had 2 major computer crashes and one website crash in the 15 years and some things I just don’t seem to have. Did want to bring your attention to the Canadian Journey series – those being the first 8 patterns I designed. The first 4 are in rough shape as the printer I was using went out of business and took those first 4 files with them. I have been photocopying them up until now, but I seriously do want to put them all in a book as one. I have started all that and I hope that by the time my 20th year -2019 rolls around I will have the charts altogether. We still have all the thread packs for these patterns and also for the city samplers across Canada also. I see I am missing the Ottawa Sampler and I will go search for the picture of that sampler. Now of course I have to sit and write the words that go with each chart…… the design size etc. it never feels like I quite get things done before the next teaching gigs or needlework shows come up and throw a wrench into working on that…. And PS. It is not the funest job is it! Do check out some of the free charts that are listed and also the pdf that has the listings of all patterns by number/ which is by date release, but I will maybe put them in alphabetical listing too….. just thought of that.

On the Vimy Ridge piece; Beth Allan of Dartmouth, NS sent a nice note on FB " I met a wonderful young lady today who is truly an inspiration in keeping Vimy Ridge alive. I had stitched a Vimy Ridge piece by Jeannette Douglas & knew I wanted to donate it to someone & when I read her story I knew exactly who I wanted to have this lovely piece.What a wonderful example of youth wanting to do for the veterans, etc.She is actually going back to Vimy next week & is taking it with her & having her picture taken at the monument .My heart feels good!!…/1487503-lure-of-vimy-love-of… Beth sent another note today "thought you might like to see the young gal at Vimy with her lovely crossstitch. It's very emotional as she is so thrilled with it& is so involved with Vimy." the photos show Claire in France at the Vimy Ridge Memorial. There are 4 photos in total, scroll through to see them all.

Canadian Patriotic Snippets # 11 &amp; 12

Canadian Patriotic Snippets # 11 & 12

And so we are at the end of the Canadian snippet series, we are shipping Monday August 14th to the shops the last set of Snippets -# 11 &12. I want to thank all of you for joining me on the Patriotic journey and hope that as you set to complete it that you have enjoyed the Canadian themed pieces. With the # 11 & 12 will come a free pattern to you as a great big thank you for your support. It’s been so awesome to connect with you all. Thank you Charlene Petrowsky for stitching the free pattern and here is the photo of Charlene’s stitching and finishing, love them both. You may stitch it as a double sided pincushion or a single or take motifs and make a 13th snippet! Thank you to Charlene also for the Happy 150th Birthday Canada! X Stitch SAL. It was great to see the variety of Canadian themed charts by many different designers in this group  

Canada 150 Pincushion, flat fold, wall hanging etc.

Canada 150 Pincushion, flat fold, wall hanging etc.

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It has been great fun to your stitching and finishing and what you are choosing to stitch! Thank you for sharing and participating.