Hard to believe how fast this spring has gone, I can hardly believe we are at the tail end and summer will be here in another few weeks. It is always the lovely months that go so quickly and some of those winter months just seem longer. Whether it is because the dark hours are longer and the light of day is shorter, I don't know, but I love the long evenings. We walk the dog later now and sure am enjoying that, as to walk her in some light of day in winter we sometimes have to get out there by 4:30 in the afternoon as it gets dark out so early. We hadbeautiful long weekend weather here in Calgary for the Victoria Day weekend and I made sure I got some stitching time outside! That is such a treat..... that it is not smoking hot, that the rain doesn't fall and that a gale force wind isn't blowing. These kinds of things can interrupt some good stitching time.

We have shipped Snippets # 7 & 8, right after the July long weekend, we will ship # 9 & 10, shooting for mid August for the last ones. Hope you are enjoying the stitching. It has been fun to share them with you.

In September Needle in a Haystack will be my host in Alameda, CA- the piece is stitched. this is the 6th time we are using The Common Thread 2 - just as much fun as the first one. Again with the center block a little show piece of the place I am teaching at. Last year it was fun to do a little section for England and this year for San Francisco. We have done, Buffalo, Southern Ontario, Saskatoon, Seattle. These places were almost all repeats to the The Common Thread 1 - very enjoyable. check with NIAH - the dates are Sept 22-24, hope to see you there.

In October we are off to "Stitching at the Beach" Pals event in Myrtle Beach. Check out the link for all the classes offered.                                                                                                                          Look forward to seeing you there! We will also have a table of goodies.

Now it is time to get out the luggage and get all my little piles of this's and thats and hope I remembered everything for the up coming trip to Europe. we leave Friday for Paris. I am picking up the printing and bagging today and tomorrow. So I think we are all set, now to fit them into our suitcases! If you think of something to ask about the stitching of the prework on the 2 little designs for the finishing class, please don't hesitate to ask, Mona or I can answer you on the Facebook JDD Cruise--Finishing class group. To those who I will see next week, please travel safe and may we all have a trip to remember. PS If the Christmas Markets-Danube trip was anything to go by...... we will thoroughly enjoy this one!

Bon Voyage!