June 2016 update

I hope you have been able to get some stitching time on the deck or porch and that you have had some gardening time! It is always such a lovely month. Enjoy your June, when the kids were in school I remember not really enjoying June, it was just so busy with end of year events etc. and trying to plan the camping times, but now we get to enjoy June!

Last weekend I went out to Kamp Kiwanis and had a little class in colour use with the gals who signed up at the Stitching Corner, Cochrane, AB retreat weekend. We had such a fun time with the colours and seeing old and new friends, the afternoon went far too quickly.

So now it is on to the next few months and the events that they hold. I am so thrilled with my project for The Silver Needle and look forward to sharing it with you. We have gathered almost all our things to be able to make the kits! The instructions are started so we are well underway. It will be so great to be back in Tulsa, OK - it will be 10 years since the first one, when I was a newbie!! Look forward to seeing you all. The Silver Needle has all my models so look forward to seeing a great trunk show of JDD goodies. I haven't seen them all in years, so it will be good for me too!

I had slated my month of June as design month because of the travel in July and holidays. And then travel end of August. And I have to say that I am getting to it all..... all in varying stages and all not quite as far as I would have liked, but some of my heavy stress feeling is lifted as each day goes by and more is done. Now I can hopefully focus on the website again and finish adding all the patterns and then the words for each...... can you tell I am not very excited. <grin>

By the end of August I will be off to Holmrook, close to Ravenglass in the Lake District in the UK - it is a charming little village with a great little shop called Fobbles in a section of barn that is renovated, it is just the most delightful little spot. From there I will fly to Amsterdam and teaching up in the North of Holland in Roden at De Handwerk Boetiek. It is always a thrill to go there, my parents would have been so proud. I always think of them and the strong Dutch heritage they gave. We are working a totally different kind of project than we did last time, can't wait to share it. I have been meaning to share a story of 2 ladies that came to the class in Holland last time - they had their name tags on, like we do in class and they were 2 sisters with the names Willi and Nettie - good grief, shows my Dutch heritage alright - my older sister's name is Willi and my family all call me Nettie! Such a fun thing!

Once I return from that we will go on to the next but that will be for next blog update! Ryder is getting to be a little more of an adult and less puppy, but it has helped that we take her to a enclosed off leash - she runs like mad, has to be the #1 greeter and chases and plays with everyone, we can't seem to play with her enough to her liking like that. So it has been great to get her out there. We don't totally trust her to a more open off leash area, as she may just go anywhere as she is so busy being social.

Till the next time..... jeannette