The Four Seasons full circle


How are you doing with your fall projects? I can say that, it is the first day of fall! As many of you probably saw in the news - we went from summer to winter in one day Sept 8th or something like that, we have recovered nicely and it has been in the 20's Celsius and 70's Fahrenheit, since then, a nice little break before more cooler fall temperatures. The trees are turning and it is lovely. I had lunch outside, I love doing that. The title this month reflects a few things, one that I finished my picture of the four seasons out of my office window and the other that we are saying good bye to our beloved dog Cleo. I can't really write this without tears,  so forgive me. Her life has come full circle and we loved the companionship, the love, the excited greetings- even if we were away only an hour,  and the many many walks we took over the years. It will be lonely without her but we have 'Walter' the dog next door, who has wormed his way into our hearts and I am sure will give his 0700 howl to get us to open the door to let him in for the day.

Doing the Fall needlecraft market was terrific but it has made me a little slower in getting my class materials done for teaching. The push to do the show and then get all classes done before I start on a busy teaching schedule has made everything quite tight. I like a little breathing room and I seem to have a million notes on my desk of to do's and not to forget to's! Every night for the last week I have gotten up and wrote a little note to not forget this or that. Needless to say sleep has not been my friend. But we are totally looking forward to this weekend to go to Portland, OR and see and the stitchers there. This is my 5th time back to this group of ladies - well maybe 6th- and I so look forward to seeing everyone! Acorns and Threads owner Jeannine is an avid reader of the same books as myself, so we also have 'book' talk that we need to get in too besides stitching!! Ladies, hope your pre-stitching went well and I think we will have fun with the project. See you soon!

I am flying from Portland to Kalispell, MT where I have a week of a bit of holiday for me, with my family, having the Fall show in St. Charles in the summer, made it so that I did not get away in the summer so we are taking a week now. Hence my big push to get everything done for Shepherd's Bush retreat too. I get back for our Thanksgiving and then off to SLC for that retreat. So as the retreat in Park City gets closer I have several piles on my floor and I totally had the wrong chart packed to take for Acorns - but I caught it and we are all good.

And so the fall begins with many changes to adjust to....

Hope to see you at an event this fall,  I am looking forward to seeing new and 'old' friends!

As ever, jeannette

The Four Seasons - Calgary 2013-2014