Still rocking


WOW! is all I can say! what an awesome, spectacular trip. It was truly a wonderful time from start to finish. Our North to Alaska trip on the Sapphire Princess couldn't have been better. A great big thank you to Judy Bradford of Cambridge Cruise Centers for making it such a treat; absolutley no worries, except my fabric issue, but we won't talk about that because it all turned out,  just plain great sailing!  Thanks so much Judy for all your hard work at making all us stitchers so comfortable and always there for us. My boat here on the prairies is still rocking at times, just that sensation of movement, of still being on the ship. We had wonderful weather, all the locals in every place we went, Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway- kept saying "it has been raining for weeks this is our first day of sunshine, you are lucky" and lucky we were. From the first day in Seattle - Anne from Gloriana Threads  who is out on the west coast came in and spent the day with us, what a treat, to the last day in Victoria at Button and Needlework Boutique who treated us to wine and goodies, it was terrific. Changing Tides in Juneau had our Northern Lights finishing fabric for us, Traditional Stitches and The Silver Needle had goodies in our bags for us. Thank you to all those people who made it a very special trip. It is very much appreciated.

I know so many of you on the trip made some new friends which is extra special and I got to spend some time with everyone which was really great. I see your smiling faces and it makes me happy. Glad you loved the projects, yes it was 2 projects, we did a small Alaskan Sampler- called you guessed it - North to Alaska - and we also did a passport cover - called - Passport to Alaska - and yes one stitcher is done!!! -Barb Kneller of Portland, OR has already sent me a picture of her finished piece!

My sincere thanks to you - you cruising stitchers who came sight unseen of the projects to do, and embraced them and stitched happily away. You made it the success this cruise was and again it is greatly appreciated.

Hope all is well in your little part of the world what with all this 'weather' and that I may be honoured with seeing you again soon. I must admit by Wednesday I relaxed  and forgot about my little electronic issue! and had a great time.

Hugs to you all,