Look for Nashville Needlework Market new

It is almost time to go to the Nashville Needlework Market. How the year flies swiftly by and it is time again for the meeting of old and new friends. Sharing and visiting, dispalying our new designs!I will post the new designs on the weekend once we are at the show. Or rather I should say I hope to.... my skills on all this 'uploading' and 'downloading' etc. are sometimes a bit over my head but I will do my best. I do get all excited to share the new designs and I hope that you will enjoy them. It is always a a treat to be part of the needlework world for the weekend, so often I am alone designing away in my office. Today I look out and the snow is melting like crazy from the chinook, which is great. After the needlework show I hope to take a week off and stay in the states in some warm weather... so I might not be so quick to answer emails etc. - just so you know! Look forward to showing you all the new things! Till the weekend.