January 2007

Banff - Christmas Time

Due to fiddling with web pages we have inadvertently lost the November update, my apologies!

So a little update for you now.

As you can see on the events page I have added several other event places to the roster this year. It worked out that my far away places were in the summer so an addition to Edmonton, in my home province was very easy to do, and the addition of Ottawa our capital city of Canada is always a delight!

You can also check on the new releases page for information on my newest patterns for release in Nashville. Pictures will be coming soon.

In the summer issue of A Needle Pulling Thread I have submitted a piece in band sampler style and wrote a poem for it. I didn't realize poem writing was something that I could do until I wrote the poem for the new release 'We Stitch' and I haven't stopped since!

I have also added the Hamilton City Sampler to the City Sampler page, and a link to Stitchers Hideaway. Sue does wonderful upbeat retreats in different cities across the States, a good fit for me and my geographical samplers isn't it!