It's about time!

I hope that you have been able to take the time to enjoy the new patterns on the website. I kept meaning to post them here and I just never got to it. If you haven't looked at the events page yet, then maybe that might give you the answer why I am so tardy with everything.I have totally snowed myself under. I said yes to too much! My poor gals in the office this week, well suffice it to say I had a big laugh when Wilma said " I haven't had my bun yet!" - it was 3 o'clock! way past lunch. There is a behind the scenes story on the word 'bun' just ask Pat and Ann from R & R!! Anyway I said yes to doing a piece for Red Apple Stitchery - a piece to celebrate their 20th Anniversary! Congratulations to Pam McIntosh. It turned out just great, check in with her shop early in May to see. I agreed to do the JCS Christmas Ornament and an ornament for the Preview issue. I agreed to do the Hallowe'en Ornament Issue, plus use my one from 2008 - and good grief I can't find the darn thing and now have to redo it. I agreed to do 2 pieces for JCS - one of them Strawberry Stitches- coming in the next issue of JCS, look for it to come, and yes it is the next in the 'Stitches' series! I love it. We have lots special things for the upcoming events. We did the last stitches on our classes for this spring and I hope to start stitching the fall pieces soon. If you know me, you know I like to have things done early, I have been working on relaxing and going with the flow as this is not the case this year. I think that I thought 'I've got new knees, I can do anything and everything" forgetting the day is only so long! Do join us in the fun upcoming at the Needleworker's Marketplace, check out their website. The following weekend I will be at Stitchville USA, Minnesota. Looking forward to going, I do hope that it is not as eventful as 2004 where we had a very adventurous trip from Calgary to Minneapolis. In South Dakota every hill looks the same as the other and we were very lost, my friend and I! Ask me, how can you get lost in South Dakota, but we did! I see Dyeing to Stitch has put up the registration dates for their retreat and you can register starting March 28th. I am looking forward to teaching at the EAC Seminar in Sackville, New Brunswick. A chance to meet some of the stitchers from the Maritimes, how lovely. The 2 pieces that I am teaching there are only available through class. I worked out how to do powerpoint from my ipad!!! I was so excited when I figured it all out and now I have a great presentation, yay! From there I go to New Jersey and then upstate New York, it is in all the places beginning with 'New'! I am so excited about the piece for Where Victoria's Angels Stitch- you will have to ask her! And the piece for Golden Thread Needlearts in Rochester, well, I am absolutely thrilled with it too. Come join us at an event. See events page for details. Do check out the new patterns in the What's new section, I did get them all loaded before Nashville and made them live while I was there, so that was nice that worked out. Till next time... I promise to do some wonderful pictures, I have some awesome finishing on the album to show you etc.