Post Nashville 2019

It’s long overdue to add the new patterns we released for the Nashville Needlework market 2019. It’s like somehow the blog is not the ‘go to’ it once was. I know myself for one heavily depend on Instagram and the JDD Facebook page for any news and events. It always more of a sit with a cup of tea and write the blog than a quick photo and little blurb about what one is doing at the moment. Have our lives become little moments…..? I hope and pray that stitching helps us be mindful and more lasting than a moment.

I have just returned from a wonderful retreat in Bloomington, Indiana for FancyWorks Needlework shop. Dianna, the owner, held it at Mc Cormick’s State Park, close to the shop and that was wonderful. She had some trunk shows and other vendors which was great and the event had a super nice spot for all stitchers to sit at round tables with friends and enjoy each other, lots of laughter was heard around the room. Kathy Barrick was the other teacher, a good time was had by all.

The new patterns for Nashville release will be posted on the Designs page under 2019. There will also be an updated pdf listing available of the charts in the JDD line. Just 2 things of note - the Spring Posey pattern has some issues with the symbols in the chart, please email me and I will send you a correct jpeg of the chart. For the Stitching by the Sea pattern, Just Another Button Company is making us a Pin Mini for it with the turtle, sand dollar and seagull in it. Just check with them - it will be called “By the Sea”.

We are now in the last days of preparation for the Tulip Time Cruise in Europe. I leave already on the 19th for Holland, to have a little visit with my cousins and other family and prepare a special item for the cruise. We are building the kits this week. Then we will cruise April 28- May 5. On the 5th I fly to Manchester and we will be teaching again at my favourite spot in England, the lovely little Fobbles in Cumbria.

My following 2 teaching gigs are in Calgary - 1) for the Rimon Calgary Celebration 2019 - a fun little Pomegranate project-For more information and registration forms please email and 2) for the Stitching Corner in Cochrane at their retreat - contact Gail or Betty at

Then I have the summer to prepare for our fun 20 year Celebration at JDD with a 3 day Calgary event and a week cruise on the West Coast, this is in conjunction with The Silver Needle and with Judy Bradford of Cruiseship Centers. Please contact to join us in this fun and relaxing event. We will have a Calgary project for you and a cruise piece sampler piece of the west coast sights.

Before we embark on the cruise I will have a weekend trip to Ohio for the Western Reserve Sampler Guild which has 2 sessions planned in mid September. Please check with the guild for information.

In between all that, we will continue to have new releases and I look forward to sharing them with you.

Please take joy in your stitching, till we see you again soon.