Come have a visit to the new website!

Welcome! This will be our new home on the web. Much better than fumbling along like I was. This is so much easier to manage already, and we've just begun!

Please have patience with us as we continue to edit the design pages and add words to the designs as that was all lost when our previous website got hacked. Forgive me if I don't have your shop in the listing, we are also working on updating that list. If you would like to be included, please don't hesitate to send your information. Thank you!

With the many requests per week on different things, I came to realize how often the website was used and knew we needed to get something going quickly. Thanks to Deanna for working so quickly on all this... but she has good reason, she is getting married this month and the pressure was on for more than one reason!

I am totally thrilled with the search bar on the Designs page, so as we add things you will hopefully find any pattern you are interested in from here. We loaded them by year, simply because one adds to a portfolio several times in a year, and then newest ones will always be on top. Hopefully a pdf listing of charts will be available soon.

It has been almost 2 months since my last post - I think the longest break ever - and I hope that you were able to find some things via the Jeannette Douglas Designs Facebook page. We have been overwhelmed happily with orders for Spring by the Sea! We continue weekly to say, okay, good; now we have enough thread packs.... and then I'll be darned I couldn't fill an order on Wednesday as I had no charts left! Totally a funny moment, so busy with the threads we forgot how low we were on charts! They have been reprinted and are coming from the printer today. So no worries there.

I had just a super weekend in Portland, OR with a great group of gals for their 20th Anniversary event. We enjoyed every moment and I miss everyone already! The weather was amazing and Acorns and Threads looks spiffed up with new carpets etc since they had the flood late last year, good to see, way to go Jeannine and staff.

Enjoy your little visit and come back often to see what we are working on.

Warmly, jeannette